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  • More income before payday 
  • Write off up to 85% of debts
  • Not taking out any more loans
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  • Complete 5 simple questions
  • Start to become debt free

What You Can Do Next
Every day people are turned for loans for a variety of reasons.
First of all, ask yourself why you wanted or needed the loan ? In our experience, one of the most common reasons for wanting a loan is when it is to be used as a consolidation loan (one loan to pay off other debts), and this may actually be the cause of your loan refusal.
Due to your debt levels, your credit rating may not be high enough to be accepted for a loan to pay off your debts, and the more loans you apply for, the worse your credit score gets and the further into debt you are. And the circle is continues.
Even if you weren’t looking for a consolidation loan, your debt levels may still be the reason for your refusal. If this is the case, don’t worry! There are still plenty of options for you.
National Debt Advisor’s are NOT a loan company. We believe in finding you a long-term solution rather than a short term fix. If you want help to get you back on track and Debt Free, simply use the contact form below for a no- obligation help and advice.

Why Do You Really Need A Loan?

  • Do you want to pay high interest rates?
  • Do you want to increase your debt level?
  • Do you want to become Debt Free

One of the biggest reasons to get a loan is to pay off your debts (known as a consolidation loan), the idea being that one debt is better than many. And in some cases this may be true, but it’s certainly not suitable for everyone. In which case, we can offer alternative solutions to managing your debts.

Is the loan to pay for something you want ?

If so, and you need a loan to pay for it, you must ask yourself if this is something that you ‘need’. If not, try to manage without it, or start a savings plan. We all know the feeling of getting something on credit and then come to the realisation of having to pay it back once the initial excitement of owning something new wears off. This is a reality for most people, not just you.

As familiar as it may sound, if you save up for something you really want, it feels as though you’ve really earned and deserve it.

If the loan was ‘just to see you through’, which is another popular reason, then you need to seriously look at why you need the loan. Can you maintain your lifestyle on your current income? If not, a loan isn’t the answer. You need to take control of your finances and budget your finances (I know this isn’t the easiest thing to do in reality). Our trained advisors can help you with this.

How to win at being a bloke:

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How Much Of Your Debt Could You Potentially Write-Off?..

Here is an example of how your debt could be managed. Please note debt write off is dependent on personal circumstances, so find out now:

Total unsecured debt


Old monthly payment


New monthly debt repayments


Monthly reduction


Debt written off



60 months

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Customers can also get free debt Counselling, debt adjusting and provision of credit information services from the money advice service an organisation set up by the Government to offer practical advice to those in debt. 

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